The Restaurant Experience in the Comfort of Your Own Home.

Priced Right. Drop Off or On-Site Preparation. Catered to Your Desires.

It's what everyone would like every once in a while.

We offer both At-Home Dining, which includes all shopping, preparation and clean up, and Home Meal Delivery, which is the entire meal delivered to your desired location, either precooked or prepared.

Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly meal plans

Together, you and the chef create menus during a free consultation visit.  Meals are prepared, carefully packaged and labeled with final preparation instructions.  This is all done in your home or prepared in a license kitchen and delivered.

The price and menu are personalized for each individual based on health restrictions, dietary needs and personal preference. Weekly meal plans start at a minimum of three meals per person.

Meals are packaged as frozen by CryoVac or left in the refrigerator with specific heating instructions on the appropriate containers. This is all done in your home or prepared in a licensed kitchen and delivered.

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